• Voted with the West Bend Town Board to purchase a police vehicle for the Town of West Bend Sheriff, Dan Carrol, to better respond to complaints and enforce our Town regulations and ordinances.


Worked to increase efficiencies of tax dollars used by the Town of West Bend by:

  • Negotiating with local fire departments to reduce the cost of Fire and EMS Services
  • Working with Cedar Community to ensure that they pay a reasonable amount of Fire and EMS Costs
  • Support entering buying groups with other communities to purchase town equipment at lower cost to taxpayers
  • Worked to hire Town of West Bend employees to maintain and repair town equipment rather than hiring outside services


  • Elected to the Washington County Board gives me the opportunity to stay informed on issues to ensure that county services are well delivered to our Town residents.
  • Served as Supervisor on the Town of West Bend Board and was able to to use my experience and community affiliations to support the Town of West Bend residents.
  • I have developed strong relations with adjoining Towns of Trenton, Barton, Addison and Polk to ensure cooperation and move towards joint service agreements.


  • In 2018 chaired the annual Cedar Lakes Conservation benefit that raised over $600,000 to enable CLCF to purchase open land in the Town of West Bend.